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Bulldog Bugle

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Chapter Officials



Executive Council

Name Telephone E-mail address
President A. J. Key 817-504-6937 alveskey@sbcglobal.net
First Vice President Jack Doshier 972-602-9262 jdoshiertx@gmail.com
Second Vice President Joe Arnosky 817-431-6081 jbarnotx@verizon.net
Secretary/Treasurer Bill Mac Swain 817-244-0706 billmacswain@charter.net
Director (2014-16) Jim Lucas 817-277-0578 jmslucas30@gmail.com
Director (2014-16) Jack Cooper 972-641-2642 oklahomajacj@sbcglobal.net
Director (2014-16) James Sharp 972-741-0901 gransharp@att.net 
Director (2015-17) Stan Bullard 817-478-6126 slbullard@sbcglobal.net
Director (2015-17) Don C. Jones 972-660-4658 donitajones@sbcglobal.net 
Director (2015-17) Dave Moore 817-637-4876 davewp2g@yahoo.com

Standing Committees

Annual Auction Jack Cooper 972-641-2642 oklahomajacj@sbcglobal.net
Annual Picnic Jim Wetmore 817-860-4050  
Bulldog Bugle Editor Joe Aronsky 817-431-6081 jbarnotx@verizon.net
Chaplain Don C. Jones 972-660-4658 donitajones@sbcglobal.net
Chaplain A. J. Key 817-504-6937 alveskey@sbcglobal.net
Chaplain Don Oberholzer 214-717-6466 riggrd@hotmail.com
Chapter Directory Joe Aronsky 817-431-6081 jbarnotx@verizon.net
Chapter Directory Dave Moore 817-637-4876 davewp2g@yahoo.com
Christmas Luncheon Jack Doshier 972-602-9262 jdoshiertx@gmail.com
Communications Officer Bob Couch 817-616-3243 bobcouch@charter.net
DFW Cemetery Volunteers    
Flowers and Cards Carolyn Fisher 817-477-4247 fishtex1@sbcglobal.net
Fund Raising (Popcorn) Don Oberholzer 214-717-6466 riggrd@hotmail.com
Grand Prairie Parks Representative Eldon Armstrong 972-642-1932 eldon32@sbcglobal.net
Historian Jack Doshier 972-602-9262 jdoshiertx@gmail.com
Honor Guard Jim Wetmore 817-860-4050  
Tell America Program Bill Hoyle 972-937-4528 William.Hoyle@yahoo.com
Tell America Program Assistant A.J.Key 817-504-6937 alveskey@sbcglobal.net
Fund Raising Chairman A.J. Key 817-504-6937 alveskey@sbcglobal.net
Honor Guard William Hoyle 972-937-4528 William.Hoyle@yahoo.com
Judge Advocate Larry Kinard 682-518-1040 larry.kinard@yahoo.com
Meeting Speakers Jack Doshier 972-602-9262 jdoshiertx@gmail.com
Membership  Jack Cooper 972-641-2642 oklahomajacj@sbcglobal.net
Musician Calvin Langford 903-447-4093 boltly38@yahoo.com
Musician Ken Dillard 817-468-8714 kenreb33@att.net 
National Publicity Richard Vaughn 817-446-1168 rpv7@sbcglobal.net
Parade Co-Chairman Sam Bass 214-361-4697 None
Parade Co-Chairman Ken Dillard 817-468-8714 kenreb33@att.net
Parade Co-Chairman Ben Hogan 817-417-7618 pophogie@sbcglobal.net
Photographer Joe Arnosky 817-431-6081 jbarnotx@verizon.net
Publicity Richard Vaughn 817-446-1168 rpv7@sbcglobal.net
Reception & Auction Drawing Linda Bullard 817-478-6125 slbullard@sbcglobal.net
Quartermaster Jim Lucas 817-277-0578 jmslucas30@gmail.com
Sick Call Judy Richards 817-590-0245 ocsgene@sbcglobal.net
Service Officer Sim Goodall 817-483-4443 simgoodall@gmail.com
Special Events Ken King 214-952-8317 king_marion@att.net
Tell America (East) Dave Moore 817-637-4876 davewp2g@yahoo.com
Tell America (West) Jack Doshier 972-602-9262 jdoshiertx@gmail.com
VA Ft.Worth Clinic Contact  A.J.Key 817-504-6937 alveskey@sbcglobal.net


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