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Korean models to march with 'grandpas' from war in National Memorial Day Parade

May 26, 2016

Larry C. Kinard doesn’t consider himself a traveler, having spent the majority of his 87 years happily in Texas... [more from the Washington Times]


Look at our Facebook page

December 22, 2015

KWVA-DFW has a really nice Facebook page here. Check it out.


CBS News story on MIAs in Korea

December 14, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning did a nice segment on how South Korea honored family members of MIAs: 

MIAs from the "Forgotten War" remembered in South Korea.


Make the Connection

We received an email from a contractor for the Department of Veteran Affairs promoting a website called Make the Connection. Here's their description of the site:


Make the Connection provides personal video testimonials and resources to help Veterans discover ways to improve their lives. The site also provides informational resources on mental health conditions such as PTSD and traumatic brain injury, symptoms of problems such as drug and alcohol abuse, and life experiences such as transitioning from service and dealing with family and relationship challenges.


Korean War hero finally gets the honor he deserves

April 30, 2011

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
By Chris Vaughn

Brother of Bedford woman to receive Medal of Honor...[full version]


The Forgotten War Remembered

June 25, 2010

From The New York Times

Sixty years ago today, units of the North Korean Army crossed the 38th Parallel, invading South Korea and starting the Korean War — which grew into a cold war clash between the United States and China. Although more than two million soldiers and civilians died over the next three years, including more than 54,000 Americans, the war is now an overlooked part of United States history. The Op-Ed editors asked four veterans for their memories of the conflict. ....[full version]


The Real Heroes of the Korean War

The West's sacrifices set the stage for the development of a democratic and vibrant country.

by Chung Min Lee

June 23, 2010

From the Wall Street Journal

Sixty years ago this month, columns of North Korean tanks broke through the 38th parallel, unleashing three years of fratricidal war.... [full version]


Veterans' memories on anniversary of Korean War

June 25, 2010

From the BBC

In South Korea commemorations are taking place to mark the anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War on the 25th of June 1950. The BBC has been speaking to two Korean veterans who were both stationed close to the border on that day, but on opposite sides of the line. Choe Kyong-soon is a South Korean veteran and Yoo Ki-jin has been recalling his memories from North Korea. [click here for video]


Nation Marks Korean War’s 60th Anniversary

By Donna Miles

American Forces Press Service

June 23, 2010

Sixty years ago this week, North Korean troops stormed across the 38th parallel into South Korea, launching a three-year conflict that culminated in an armistice in 1953, but never officially ended....[full version]


Pictures from Veterans Day

Here are some pictures from the Veterans Day observation in Arlington.



VA center to open in Arlington

On October 15, 2009, a Vet Center is opening in Arlington to provide readjustment counseling services. Korean War veterans are eligible for these services. See this brochure for details, or call (817) 921-9095.


Mac Swain speech on YouTube

You can watch KWVA president Bill Mac Swain's speech, which he delivered in Seoul at South Korea's June 25th commemoration, on YouTube by clicking here.


Reception for Bill MacSwain

Bob Duncan Center

Arlington, Texas

Oct. 4, 2008

These pictures were made Oct 4, 2008 at the Chapter 215 Reception for the new National KWVA President Bill MacSwain at the Bob Duncan Center in Arlington.  Speakers were Col. James Stone, Mayor Robert Cluck, Jung-Koen Kim, Korean General Consul from Houston, David Cameron, and Bill MacSwain.  Approximately 150 people attended, with Arlington-Ft. Worth Chapter 215, Dallas Chapter 270, Dallas Chapter 625 Korean Veterans and a large representation of the Arlington Korean community.  After the program, music was provided by the local Korean community.  Refreshments were served following the musical.


click here for more pictures

Pictures  Added

October 4, 2008

We have added pictures from three recent events:

Anyone can send us photos of KWVA events, and we will be happy to add them to this website.


Bill Mac Swain elected

June 25, 2008

Chapter 215 member William F. "Bill" Mac Swain was elected President of the KWVA on June 10, 2008. Marvin Dunn and Mike Doyle are National Directors. Compete election results are here.


Federal charter for KWVA

June 25, 2008

On June 17, 2008, the House passed a law that grants a federal charter to the KWVA. The bill has already passed the Senate and will be sent to President Bush for his signature. Read more about it on the home page of the KWVA, which has posted several press releases and news stories about the event.



Medal of Honor recommended for Korean War veteran

June 2, 2006

By Jim Tice
Times staff writer

A soldier hero of World War II and the Korean War, who was fondly known among his infantry buddies as “the Chief,” has been recommended for a posthumous Medal of Honor. Master Sgt. Woodrow Wilson Keeble was serving with G Company of the 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, when he exhibited extraordinary heroism Oct. 20, 1951, near Kumsong, North Korea. His platoon came upon another platoon pinned down by enemy fire during Operation Nomad, but Keeble, disregarding his own safety, single-handedly knocked out three four-man bunkers, each armed with a machine gun....

<complete story>


Please attend groundbreaking for Arlington Veterans Park

March 1, 2006

This is the park former Arlington City Council member Col. Dan Garvey spoke about at our January meeting.
The ground breaking the Arlington Veterans Park is scheduled for:

Saturday, March 4, 2006 at 11:00 A.M.

We voted at the January meeting to support this project by attending this ceremony, and I would ask all who can to be there.

We have been requested to help with parking and seating. We need you to bring one or two folding chairs for some of the elderly & or handicapped to sit on.

Several of us will not be able to attend this ceremony due to a prior commitment. Thank you in advance for a nice turn out. Jim Wetmore will be in charge of this event.

--by Mike Doyle, President


Looking for Pork Chop Hill vets

October 31, 2005

We recently received this e-mail:

Was with Co.E...32nd Inf. Regt. 7th Inf.Div...53 to 54...looking for any one that served at that time was on Porkchop Hill in last battle of war.

Arnold Puckett
352-262-5698 cell


Department of Texas Meeting

April 2, 2005

By Dick Predmore

The Department of Texas Meeting was held in Arlington Texas on April 2, 2005 at the Martin Sprocket and Gear Corporate Offices in Arlington. This is the home meeting place of the General Walton H. Walker Chapter, Dallas/Ft Worth. The focus of the meeting was the VSVA Officer establishment and training in each Chapter. 

The Tell America program was promoted by a "show and tell" method. The members of the Walton Walker Chapter actually presented a class (in part) to relay to the membership how easy and informative it can be. After a short intro, we showed a video (11 minutes) displaying an overview of the Korean War. Then we made our Table of Remembrance presentation and a short description of a vet's individual presentation. This was met with much enthusiasm for Tell America, and we gave each Chapter President a video for their own presentations.

Our Keynote speaker was the National 2nd VP Byron Dickerson, who was subbing for President Dechert. Incidentally Lou, he gave you a run for the money. He gave a great speech and fielded questions gracefully and with humor. You could not have appointed a better replacement. Thank You!

The first photo here is National 2nd VP Byron Dickerson, subbing for Lou. The second picture looks like a repeat.
The third picture is DOTX Sec. Billy Jones, Killeen Chapter President Art Hills, DOTX JA Alberto Gonzales, DOTX Pres Predmore. (Bill MacSwain ducking down.)


51st anniversary of armistice today

July 27, 2004

On July 27, 1953, the Korean War armistice was signed at Panmunjom, ending three years of fighting. The New York Times today has posted an image of its front page from that day and a text reprint of the front-page article on the armistice:


Truce Is Signed, Ending The Fighting In Korea; P.O.W. Exchange Near; Rhee Gets U.S. Pledge; Eisenhower Bids Free World Stay Vigilant

Ceremony Is Brief

Halt in 3-Year Conflict for a Political Parley Due at 9 A.M. Today

By Lindesay Parrott

Special to The New York Times

Tokyo, Monday, July 27--Communist and United Nations delegates in Panmunjom signed an armistice at 10:01 A.M. today [9:01 P.M., Sunday, Eastern daylight time]. Under the truce terms...[Click here for entire article; may require free registration.]


Pictures from Dept. of Texas meeting

May 6, 2004

Dick Predmore sent us these pictures from the Dept. of Texas meeting held in Killeen on April 10-11, 2004.

<Dept. pics>


Richard Beard in Korea 1950-51

May 6, 2004


Richard G. Beard, Staff Sergeant E6 R.A. 18248999 July 1950 to July 1951, 6th Medium Tank Bn.


Department of Texas officers

March 9, 2004

Chapter 215 is well-represented among the officers of the Department of Texas KWVA:

Dick Predmore (215)

1st VP
Roy Aldridge, El Paso
(formerly of 215)

2nd VP
Larry Kinard (215)

Billy Jones, Killeen

Ken Sanderson (215)

Judge Advocate
Byron Dickerson (215)

The Executive Council consists of these officers and the presidents of each chapter.


Helpful link

March 9, 2004

Dick Predmore recommends this link on the Dept. of Florida KWVA site on VA claims and cold weather injuries: http://dofkwva.tripod.com/vaclaims.htm. It is also on our Links page under "Services."


Who is this?

February 28, 2004



The March 2004 Bugle asks: who is the Executive Board member in these pictures?


McSwain receives award

February 14, 2004

Marvin Dunn (far right) presented a plaque to Bill MacSwain for his service to the chapter. Al D'Agostino (far left) and Jack Cooper are also present.


Not Forgotten

Area memorial is dedicated to Korean War veterans


November 9, 2003

By L. Lamor Williams

The wind and cold served as gentle reminders of terrible times for Korean War veterans as they gathered Saturday at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery to dedicate a monument to those lost more than five decades ago....

<complete story>



Picture from Summit High visit

Nov. 2003

 summit2.jpg (66923 bytes)


Dedication of Chapter Monument

Click one of the links below for a copy of the program for the dedication of the Chapter Monument on Saturday at the DFW National Cemetery. 

PPT file       PDF file


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